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41. Shelby and Luna | the benefits of having a service dog

February 12, 2020

Topics discussed:


  • What happened when Shelby was diagnosed may shock you. 
  • From working as a makeup artist in TV and movies to relying on a service dog and teaching others the importance of service dogs. 
  • People tend to pay attention when you’re dying. 
  • Doctors not doing the right tests
  • The medical industry needs to get with the times because things are so different now. 
  • Eating is a challenge because of gastroparesis. I get a lot of back pain that a 28-year-old shouldn’t have. POTS and dystonia are heavy which makes showering really hard.  
  • I have low blood sugar problems which means I get really low levels when I go to bed which can lead to seizures.
  • How do you train a service dog?
  • *BONUS* Catch Shelby’s dog Luna in the background of the video on YouTube (search disabled to enabled) she is adorable. 
  • How to handle the general public when they approach your service dog and 
  • Tips for the general public on how to respond to a service dog. 
  • Did you know? A dog can smell the slightest hint of a chemical in the equivalent of 3 Olympic sized swimming pools? 
  • Check out 
  • Shelby’s best advice for others diagnosed with a chronic illness. 


Links to connect with Shelby:


Find out more about She;by’s conditions: primary immunodeficiency, P.O.T.S, anaphylaxis, gastroparesis, mass cell activation syndrome (MCAS), dysautonomia, Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes EDS, Hypoglycemia,


Medical professionals are told: When you hear hoofprints look for horses, not zebras. Meaning, if you think somethings wrong don’t think it’s anything too serious.


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