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49. Megan Finch | Part 2: Planning my wedding around my chronic illness

March 4, 2020

Part 2 - Part 2 of our 3 part interview describes how she turned her diagnosis around and shows what is possible despite a diagnosis. Megan turned to cake baking to relieve the stress of her diagnosis. 


Megan is getting married! We discuss wedding planning with chronic illness. Stressors you come across and situations you need to be prepared for. 


Megan’s top tip for planning a wedding is to be super organised early on so that you can relax and enjoy the countdown to the big day. 


Don’t do your own hair and makeup - save energy!

Delegate tasks on the day to our bridesmaids/mum/dad/dad’s girl friends, = less things for you to stress about. Plan on doing the least amount possible. 


Wedding fair tip: address labels for all the forms, 

Create a new email address specific for wedding 

How to avoid sensory overload 


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