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52. Nitika Chopra | Part 2: How I planned events/became a tv presenter and ran a magazine

March 11, 2020

Part 2: Finding acceptance


Nitika describes going through phases of acceptance and phases of feeling low. 


Hitting rock bottom at 25 was tough but there was a level acceptance of ‘this is where I’m at’ I just have to figure this out and deal with it.’ 


Setting up something bigger than herself to help others. 


She set up Bella Life Magazine and had 100 people writing for the magazine, and started posting YouTube videos and online. She was soon approached by the exec of a production company and offered her her own talk show - naturally beautiful.  


‘I’ve officially done everything I could have to get me to this place.’


Nitika also discusses how she started running events and inspired by going to an event called, ‘curvy con’, she decided to set up a convention for chronic illness. 

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