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16. Sheryl Chan | You can die in Singapore but you can’t get sick - it’s too expensive! A Chronic Voice Blogger

August 28, 2019

After suffering a mini stroke at just 14 years old, life hasn’t quite been the same since for blogger Sheryl Chan. Now living with 5 chronic conditions everyday is a different mix of symptoms. Who knows what she’ll wake up with tomorrow? That however, doesn’t stop her from writing her awesome and inspiring blog, ‘ Chronic Voice’ where she talks about everyday life with so many challenges, how she overcomes them and how she inspires others to live with their own chronic conditions. Sheryl Shows us that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. 


Listen to her crucial life advice for people with chronic illnesses - particularly if you live in Singapore. She once had a taxi driver tell her a quote she’s never forgotten: ‘You can die in Singapore, but you can’t get sick - it’s too expensive’. We discuss the crazy laws around health and disability in Singapore and how she manages it with all of her life saving medications. What emotional impact does that have on a chronically ill person? Listen to her interview to find out. 


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