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*COVID 19 Special | Matt Lafleur: being serious and seeing positives*

April 7, 2020

Enabled Warriors. We are here with Matt Lafleur. Just have a quick chat about how the coronavirus is kind of affecting everybody worldwide because it's kind of like a challenging and unique time to be alive I think right now, isn't it? And it's, it seems to be affecting us all really, really differently. So, hey, Matt, how you doing? Matt is here with us today. He is based in Louisiana. how things are there? I mean, what kind of things are happening in the US right now?

in May in Louisiana in particular.

It's been really slow moving to take the virus seriously. All right. Okay. really unfortunate.

For a long time, people were, very dismissive.

I tried to shelter at my place. Stay here most of the time. And that was a let down on my most other friends. Most people thought that I was making too big a deal, but

turns out that it is a big deal.

Yeah, I'm surprised that your friends are saying that

now everyone is man.

I'm not by myself.

So slowly but surely everybody's seen a lot more seriously.


That's encouraging to see cuz I think that will be the key to getting over it. And getting beyond this when you take it seriously now.

You know we can be free in the future.

Yeah, exactly. So you kind of

obviously you're staying inside a lot more now. What was the kind of scenario around where you are in terms of like our shops open and things like that or if they are closed now.

They are open.

They encourage the workers to stay home.

Yeah, okay.

So a lot of people are staying home but they're still able to go out and get

groceries and get a

food from my shops to go.

But beyond that life is pretty much loaded.

Yeah. It's really weird. It's a really weird time.

So we've got like supermarkets and things are open and that's pretty much everything. We actually find out yesterday that our Prime Minister has the coronavirus, which kind of felt that was a little amusing to be honest, because you kind of like you don't know if you haven't took your own advice.

You know, but if I saw that,

yeah, it's amusing. And I think I mean, it's difficult as well to say Kind of whether he has took his own advice or not? Because obviously, you can kind of have symptoms for about 14 days, isn't it before you actually start showing symptoms? Um, so yeah, crazy. What do you think we'll kind of come out the other side of this? Do you think like how...? Yeah, what do you think will kind of come out of the other side of this? Do you think it'll promote more kind of accessibility in things like jobs and things like that?

Um, in a strange way, I do see some positive things coming out of this. Because I think people are realising what really matters. The grocery store words, teachers, nurses, these are the people we're depending on right now. Yeah. And is encouraged to see that they're going to be seen as more vital in the grand scheme of things.

Yeah, there's gonna be they're gonna have more respect for sure. I think

I think that

hopefully we'll be able to take our health more seriously. As we are here in the US, where

healthcare is pretty much

not enough for everyone

think that we're saying that that it really should be. Hmm.

Totally. Yeah. It's crazy, I think, because obviously, this is like, you know, it's it's tough and and people are losing people that they love and they care for and obviously, that's an awful thing. But I think in all of these sort of situations, I think it's so important to find some form of silver lining in it somewhere, you know.

Yeah. And it's so easy not to,


But your brightness, there is a silver lining, you know, at least it will be there. more compassionate to each other.

Hmm, I think so. Definitely.

At least one take hanging out with the general public not for granted.


I like the way as well that we - certainly my family - have been more. I'm kind of wanting to get into technology and actually learn about technology to be able to actually communicate with us when it's not in person, if that makes sense. We had a family games night last week, I'm having another one this evening. And trying to get mums and dads and people on you on sorry, a zoom video is just

normally one hurdle.

That Wow. That that's true.

Yeah, totally. It's awesome. That's the way to do things.

I do think that we're going to

you know, come Stronger because but

yeah, it is kind of a way in a way kind of uniting the world. Because we've all got this kind of common thing going on.

I agree.

We'll see.

We will see, we will see. Yeah, I mean, do you have any advice for people who are stuck in isolation at the minute that I'm not used to being in isolation?

I just hang in there. There are so many great opportunities for you take advantage of her room with the Disney is allowing you to stream their rides. You want to go on a ride at Disney World. You can do a computer.

You absolutely can do that. There's a channel called Virtual Disneyland. And it basically has like a video of it's basically someone going on the ride for the camera, but it's like, it's like you bet it's so cool. And the other day I was sat on my sofa with a cup of tea going down Splash Mountain. It was the funniest thing ever. Because obviously you wouldn't normally be allowed a cup of tea on Splash Mountain. So I was like wins. Yes.

So many creative things like that.

I love that.

Yeah, I think you've got to be creative. You got to think outside the box. And I think it's allowing businesses to really kind of tap into this new sort of virtual world as well. You know, for people who ordinarily can't get out of the house, you know, I mean, if you have a chronic illness and you're having a flare, maybe or you just in general find it really inaccessible, to get out for house and go around these different places, then, you know, you can still go into a resume from your house and you can still go and Disneyland rides, you know, it's like that access, accessibility barriers just kind of disappeared temporarily.

And I love how it seems like people's true colours are coming out.

Totally. Yeah.

If some AI is really good, That hard person you see they've gone out and somebody you know is using this to their advantage you can sell. So I think there are there's hope out there for sure.

Awesome. Thanks so, so much for speaking about that today, man. It's been really, really incredible

No problems Jessie

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