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*COVID 19 Special | Hanna Boethius: How Switzerland and the UK are coping differently*

March 24, 2020

Warriors thanks for joining me for another episode of The disable to enable

podcast with me Your host Jessie as today's episode is sponsored by our friends at beekeepers naturals natural health products created by bees. The products are so good that I have not had a cold the entire winter. Did you know that without bees we'd have no coffee crazy. Check out slash Bs and use code warrior Timpson off today or click the link in the show notes by clicking this link by the way beekeepers naturals will give back to the disabled to enable podcast. Hey, no worries. Okay, we are here with Hannah Marie theists to have a chat about how the coronavirus is affecting her at the moment. So So Hannah is based in Switzerland, and I'm in the UK. So let's have a chat about how each of our countries are kind of dealing with this whole pandemic. Whatever the calling it now epidemic pandemic, I have no idea. It's all a very scary kind of time. So let's have a chat with Hannah about how she is feeling about the whole Corona virus type thing and what

She is doing to kind of keep yourself healthy. Hey, how's it going?

Yeah, um, well, thank you. Thank you for asking. I know these are very troubled times for a lot of people and there's I think there's actually most mostly worry and anxiety around rather than actual illness. Yeah, sure, we're getting excited about the illness rather than the actual illness. Thankfully still, but

I personally as we were talking about before, my routines haven't really changed.

Switzerland yesterday got new directives on what we should do and what we can and can't do and sort of thing and what we've been asked to do. Although I'm not Swiss, I have been living here for over 20 years now. So I consider myself more Swiss than anything else. And and it's basically it went from sort of events can have 100 people and restaurant and bars can have 50 people and you know, don't

overly interact with people and stay away if you're sick and wash your hands and all that all that normal stuff, but yesterday we got more directives and now it's really no restaurants are shut. All shops apart from grocery stores are shut yes stations are open medical care is open but basically everything else is everything social hairdressers are down and you know all small shops and I really, really actually feel very, very big heartache for all these people who are going to lose most or all of their income in business. For this time being a small business owner myself, thankfully everything for me is online, but for other people it's not.

And I just hope that everyone gets to stay healthy and happy and, and calm and peaceful through this

with the help of these directives and also, more over Switzerland also has basically close the borders. So that

You can only get in if you're Swiss or if you're, if you have sort of a permit to live here.

And both trains or public transport and, and flights and everything have been massively reduced, just to not keep people together. And it is, of course, a very, very serious situation. And I am glad that Switzerland is reacting in this way. Because then maybe we have a chance to actually flatten the curve. And I've been at home since Oh, about not even a week. But as we were saying before, my, my schedule hasn't really changed because I work from home and I sleep at home and I eat at home and in all these things. And in kind of visiting my businesses, I don't go out much during the week anyway. So it's not a huge thing for me to not have to stay home but be asked to stay home. And because of course

chronic conditions people and especially immune, or new people are one of the risk groups.

Yes, maybe a little bit more. So if you have a high blood sugar as a as in this specific case of diabetes, then if you have normal one, but still, we're part of the risk group. So I'm not really very sad

at home right now and try to do my part, show solidarity with those who have even worse than me, and to not be affected by this. So true. I really is so true. And I find it really interesting how each country is handling it a really different way as well. Like, I kind of feel like

England's been kind of kind of reactive more than proactive if I'm really honest.

So it sounds like someone's offering knives.


Did you?

Sorry about that? Yes. Yes. So England has been very reactive rather than proactive. Yes. Yeah, actually, I think I think it's the same for most European countries, unfortunately. Yeah, not until we started getting

serious in Italy. Did people realise Oh, we probably should do something others. Totally. I mean, like yesterday, so we had an announcement from Boris Johnson yesterday. And if you've not seen the video of Boris Johnson washing his hands while singing happy birthday to himself, I seriously recommend it because it's quite funny to us. And he announced yesterday that we now have to stay a metre away from everybody. So we have this social distancing thing going on, and if you'd have phased out as well. Now, it's way beyond that. Yeah. We unenforced that yesterday. Our scores

still open car homes are still open restaurants and bars and things and our ship but like, yeah, like you said, like I work from home as well. nothing's really changed for me right now other than my customer has been cancelled.

Two lessons, I have two lessons left.

So So yeah, that's that's kind of where we are really? Yeah, but I really find it almost the most fascinating part of all of this is actually seeing how different countries handle it, and how they react. Because now no one can be proactive anymore. Now it's all about reaction. It is all about reaction. Oh, yeah, no, no, it's just to try it with any sort of measures that you can to just stop it sort of thing, or at least slow it down.

I'm not actually, quite honestly, I'm not worried for myself. If I would get get it at some point. I'm not really worried. I know I can. My immune system has shown me time and time again, but it's quite

Awesome at what it does.

It seems so awesome that the only thing it's attacking is myself. So that's cool.

Santa's Same old, same old.

Anyway, jokes aside, but um, yeah, it's been very interesting to follow how people are and people's reactions to the sort of

not even regulations but recommendations.

And how many people just really don't care? Yeah, it's very, very scary for me as well, because, like, there was someone the other day

who was just kind of openly saying, Oh, yeah, glue. I Why are you in a public place right now? You should be quarantine. You know.

And that's the dangerous thing. I think people how people how seriously people are taking it as a big thing. Yeah. And I also find like, you know, being on social media right now. It's actually more exciting.

driving cars and anxiety driven as well, rather than informative and, you know, stating facts.

And that's actually caused me to use social media right now in a completely different way than I used to. Yeah, I guess that's something good. Something good. Absolutely. Yeah, I've been I know, I've been posting the enablers group, like,

what's everyone grateful for today? You know, like, what good things have you achieved? And then kind of

talking about activities that people can do at home? You know, for free, that's gonna be more productive than just sitting watching TV. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, Netflix is great. But you know, they it comes to point to point yeah, I mean, we're going to be in isolation for a long time. So, you know, we can

put until the, we're basically saying put until the 19th of April, at least. Well, everything always shows. Yeah.

Gosh, it's crazy, isn't it? I mean, the, I think out of everything, I think

Hopefully it will encourage people to think more ahead in the future, prepared for more things like this, because I feel like this is kind of just cover knocked us off.

Yesterday off by anything. It's just crazy. And so it's been over three months since the outbreak started in China. So we should have maybe got a little bit more ahead. But you know, maybe we'll learn till next time. But that's it, isn't it? And it's funny that you say that it's like it was like three months ago because me my partner don't watch the news at all. We don't have TV, we don't watch the news, or listen to news when it comes on the radio. So we were totally oblivious to this for about a week ago. We were like, what's been happening? Oh my god, this is insane. Like, why is why why did we not know others? And yeah, it's crazy. Really. So I'm hoping that it will just kind of go as fast as it came to be honest. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. actually saw one of my followers just said that yesterday on on Instagram.

It was really you know what shows up first we'll go with us. I'm like, okay with you. We'll give you that one. I hope you're right.

Hopefully. Yeah. Oh,

wow. Well, thank you so much for kind of giving your opinion and telling us informing us really what's going on in, in Switzerland. So I think it's really good to know. It's good to speak to the people that are actually in these countries rather than just what we hear on the news and things and TV and you know, what other people have read on social media. So yeah, exactly.

Thank you so much. It's lovely chatting to you. Lovely chatting you too.

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