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*COVID19 Special* What we drinkin’? Ardra Shepard | Tripping On Air

April 14, 2020


Okay, so in this episode of the special In a chat, kind of special episodes that we're doing here, we've got Audra, who is based in Canada, and we're gonna have a chat about the kind of, you know, weird things that are going on right now and hopefully provide some humour and a little bit of inspiration to make this a bit lighter. So how are you finding things right now?

You know what, it's actually okay. I have not been out of my apartment in a month. So, um, but I think we're just I feel safe. We're doing what we have to do. We're saving lives. It's temporary. I mean, I think the world is not gonna be the same at the end of this, but it's managing. Well, I mean, listen, we have a roof over our heads. We have internet access, we have enough groceries. Everyone that I love and care about so far is safe and safe. I'm focused on that and just like doing what we need to do right now.

Yeah, million percent Williamson. I mean, I read your blog the other day on how you're kind of finding things, and working from home with your partner.

Just tell us a little bit about that. Yeah, I mean, I

I already work from home and now I'm just reminding myself that this is our apartment and not like I do. I'm used to a lot of alone time but I mean, we live in a big city. So real estate is tricky, right? Like we have an open concept loft. So everything happens, basically in one room, right? Like it's like the cooking, the eating, the relaxing the working. And actually, I feel like both of us are working more than we normally would like, it's hard to just turn it off. I think we need to like figure out a way to be like, okay, it's five o'clock. Turn off your computer and figuring it out. How do we differentiate the days like my most recent suggestion was like, Martini Monday to Tuesday. Hey,

you know what day it is? What are we drinking?

is awesome. I love that. I love that and the thing that's really annoying is that whenever you like I send my husband to the supermarket now so I don't have to go. I just kind of see him. And he always says like, yeah, the hell gone. I was just empty so we couldn't really get anything. Oh.

Um, so yeah, is it like that where you are like, um,

yeah, so my husband actually went to do groceries this morning and waited for an hour in line in the parking lot to get in before but I we we kind of we stopped pelts and booze early on. So we're set.

That is a good tip. Do we do the opposite sort of thing? We stop? We literally stockpiled easter eggs.

We have a fridge. That's good.

Nothing else

about that. It's so funny.

Oh god. So how does how's your partner finding working from home? Is that like, is that like for the first time for him? Do you think?

I mean, he has taken the odd day from home. But it like for him consistently. It's tough. And he is used to being way more active. So he, he like he walks to work and I think that part he's missing but I think he's also he also kind of has this like can do spirit of we're just doing what we need to do. We'll get through it, you know. So I think the thing that's going to be tough for us, like bigger pictures and we travel a lot like every couple of months. somewhere. I really don't think we're going to be travelling probably for a year so that's going to be tough but we are getting a puppy. Oh wow. That feels like a pretty good consolation prize. So for sure and that will definitely keep you busy. Yeah.

Can we get into a little bit more detail about the puppy?

Puppy for cute so we actually we had a dog that we lost in December she's she's the best dog ever. Um, so we are dog people and we are like really feeling that loss especially right now. You know, it would just be so great to have a dog in your lap. So she's coming end of June.


it's like anybody out there follows me on instagram you will know I post a picture of my dog. The deck is

She's just always doing something funny and cute. Yeah, that's coming for me. So get ready for that.

Man, I can't wait for that. It's gonna be awesome. So we're talking a little bit about, like, how we think things will change. After all this, my brother keeps calling it the apocalypse, which is quite funny. So I'm gonna call it the apocalypse. What do you think is gonna happen after the apocalypse in terms of chronic illnesses?

We if handshakes are cancelled forever. I'm super cool with that. I'm cool with that too.

Like, I think, and I wrote about this too, just, you know, when you have a chronic illness and you're vulnerable to like, my MS is off the rails if I get a cold or flu, so I'm always kind of in the state of high alert. So and I think like culturally, if we have a shift in attitudes where it's completely unacceptable for anyone go to go to work when they're sick. And I would love that because right now, culturally, I don't know how it is. is where you are, but certainly in North America, it's like you get brownie points for just powering through and you prioritise work over wellness all the time. And I think that part of that is because we don't support workers with enough like sick days or time off, if that changes and it should, I think, like that's a change for the better for sure.

Yeah, totally. I mean, there's not enough like flexibility over the holidays and things like that. I think they should be and it's just,

like, just don't come to work if you have a cold, you know, like, even if it's, it's just a cold but that can have consequences for other people. And so, you know, I think we are realising that it is possible to do a lot of jobs from home and if, like there's certainly value in like going into the office. But if you know you have a cold stay home, work from home that day.

descent? Yeah. Do you think as well that people will be more sort of inclined to clean things like offices and computers and phones and things like that,

you know, when you think of like,

pre 911, like how much simpler it was to go through an airport, like those are changes that lasted and even so SARS had a moment here in Toronto, and, and that changed things to like, all of a sudden, there's hand sanitizer, everywhere where there didn't used to be so I think, yeah, I don't know. Like, I'm not a fortune teller, but I think there's definitely, things are gonna look different. For sure.

Yeah. I think a lot of business is gonna scale down as well. So I think they're gonna realise that it actually need these massive offices that don't need every employee to be there every single day. I think it'll be a lot more hot desking and that sort of thing.

Just makes sense.

Yeah, I know. We'll see. So we will see.

Thanks so much for having a chat with us on the corona chat Special Edition episodes.

Thanks for having me.

Thank you so much. Bye.

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