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43. George Pepper | How I started

February 19, 2020

Part 2: (includes mild language)


  • After my experience of being diagnosed, I wanted to help others my age who were in the same position. 
  • I realised quickly that the people I was with that were in the clinic didn’t relate to me, I needed to find people younger than me. I was in my early 20’s desperately trying to figure out what this diagnosis meant for me. I found that challenging. 
  • Over time I found others in a similar situation and we shared ideas and feelings around diagnosis - realizing they were similar. 
  • When you have an online platform you have the opportunity to connect people from all over, when you get rid of the geographical barrier you could connect to anybody. 
  • George’s friends from university helped him shape how is today. 
  • Being a charity was never the goal. The goal was to fill a gap in support for people diagnosed. Existing services weren’t meeting the needs of these people. 
  • Being proactive in the management of your MS is key. 
  • How to set up a charity
  • It was never the intention for it to be anyone’s job. 
  • The weird thing about setting up a charity and how a founder needs to employ their bosses. 
  • Setting up helped George to come to terms with his own illness. 
  • We discuss Post Traumatic Growth in response to a diagnosis, a surprisingly common response. People who go through trauma want something good to happen as a result. Being diagnosed with anything is a traumatic experience. 
  • What happened when George approached major charities to pitch his ideas. 
  • We discuss’s motto: we believe that MS doesn’t mean giving up on ambitions, just rethinking how to achieve them.
  • Listen out for George’s top advice for newly diagnosed

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