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42. George Pepper | My Diagnosis

February 17, 2020

Part 1 - Diagnosis (includes mild language) 

  • Diagnosed at 22. 
  • He started having pain in his shoulder, doctors thought it was a trapped nerve. Dismissed with ibuprofen
  • About a month after, whilst at work, George could barely see. 
  • His balance was not right. Started continuously vomiting.
  • Feared meningitis which was quickly ruled out by a lumbar puncture.
  • Feared brain tumor, ruled out after scans. 
  • Quickly deteriorated. 
  • The hospital he was in at the time didn’t have an MRI scanner so another appointment was scheduled
  • Found out he had MS which he hadn’t heard of. 
  • Automatically associated older people and wheelchairs.  
  • Diagnosis of MS is most common in their 20s-30s 
  • It’s a lifelong condition and there are far more treatments available now. 
  • George was put onto Rebif to start with then mitoxantrone, then Copaxone. 
  • Listen out for the daily checks George used to do (I used to do this too!) 
  • How to know the difference between a relapse and just a bad day. 
  • How George recovered from relapses.  
  • The false hope George was given by his neurologist.
  • There’s no benefit in saying that things are going to be ok by a doctor. MS can be a cruel condition. 
  • It needs to be made clear that each individual has a level of responsibility for how their condition might turn out. There’s a huge support for changes in lifestyle and the role it plays in a long term health condition. 
  • That word ‘lifelong’ is scary but the thing I find most challenging to accept is the uncertainty. It can change at any time. 


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