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*COVID 19 Special | Paul Ace: Online business bubbles*

April 28, 2020

Enabled warriors, we are back with Paul Ace, my lovely husband. We have a quick chat about COVID. So, Paul, you are with me in the UK right now? Yes. How do you think COVID has affected our way of life?

Erm... I think the social aspects you don't realise like, I'm wish, like giving someone a hug. Oh, you know, like, you don't realise how much I actually seen someone in person is such a different relationship. Yeah. And from, you know, from a health perspective, my side I've just been really conscious about making sure I've stayed healthy so you can stay healthy.

And yeah, my hands are pretty dry.

I mean, we've, the first week that COVID came into the UK, I was watching the news every day and that's the first time watching us for a long time.

You could tell as well, because you'll- my whole mind was just off everything. Yeah, you can't focus on anything. That was real.

Exactly. So so as soon as I stopped doing that, I was like, Oh, well, this is better.

Yeah, but the thing is the thing. I think the thing that we are kind of thinking about now is what's going to happen after this, you know, like, what's going to be a new normal because he can't go back to the way that it was? Well, I'm very curious as well.

So it's highly contagious right now. When will it stop being highly contagious? Like the talking about herd mentality, but I'm not quite sure. Where that like whether that will make people more immune or not going forward? Will it be a lower strain going forward? Or is it just going to be as it is right now? Is this going to happen every year? No one knows yet?

Well, no, I think until they come up with a cure and until

then, I do

think is the best time ever in history. To start an online business,

yeah, you do bang on the base quite a lot. Yes, go with a good reason

why and why, why, right- . Here's the thing. online businesses, recession proof. Like I can tell you with the clients that we've been working with, like they're all doing even better now. And what's the other thing? They don't not rely on? Anything else that goes wrong in the world? like they've got their own little bubble going on? Yeah. And if anything like it's growing, so just think, I think the biggest thing from COVID is it's just sped up the whole digital transformation of the world where what might have took another 10, 20, maybe 20 years, we've kind of done that in three months.

We've had to, we've had to because again, it's about adaptive situations, and making the best of the situation.

Yeah, and this note, got no choice. You just got to do what you've just got to do. Do what you've got to do and, and, you know, anyone who's being silly enough to do a social gathering right now, it's just idiotic.

I don't know why anybody is doing that.

You know, and it's really interesting to see how many people are now know what zoom is?

Yes. Including your dad who is a complete technophobe.

Yeah. Who ringing you up going? Well, how do we use zoom? Because I need to speak to so and so. In your meeting? How do we use zoom? How do I set up the call?

It's amazing, which is great. And it shows how it can you know, write my mom's considered high risk? Yeah. So it means my dance having to do a lot more of the things like the shopping and everything like that. I mean, the

first time ever,

yeah. So you just have to learn. You have to learn different skills when you put on the pressure. And so, you know, environment wise as well. There's a lot of positives that have come out of that part in terms of seasonality. levels have gone down, which is good, obviously, that the deaths are not not good at all. I think the news is skewed a lot of that, to make it look like there's a lot of healthy people dying a lot of the time. It has sped up things where people have already got an underlying health condition. And if you've got an underlying health condition, avoid all contact with other people. Like Don't, don't put yourself in that situation.

And it's also really important to say that and this isn't been discussed anywhere, but I found out well is that it's so important when you when you bring anything into the house, whether that be groceries or mail or anything, make sure you wipe it down because you don't know who's been touching these things. Yeah, yeah. And we've been doing that we've been doing that for weeks now. Or you only realised yesterday that would have been in quarantine for four weeks. Because we tried to take the car out and the car wouldn't stop. And we only went out in the daylight. No, that's three weeks ago.

So listen to this right now if you haven't already taken the car out somewhere,

make sure to get the car now.

Yeah, yeah, because the battery will go and the garbage is going to absolutely overflow gonna come out quarantine. And that's something else that people aren't really talking about. Right now. I literally spoke to my friend last night and he was i a arcos got on a drive.

Yeah, as well. Yeah, super important to be talking about that as well.

Sure. So yeah, I mean, that's, I think, you know, it's obviously terrible, terrible disease. that's causing a lot of pain and suffering for a lot of people. Yeah. And it's also important to note that these positives that come out of any situation and and I have this there is a lot, especially the gratefulness of social interaction and animation lability of people. Yeah. You know, I mean, so usually like if we go, oh, we're looking at doing a party or our our house. Oh, I've got something on that weekend. I've got something on that weekend. Now it's just like, Hey, guys, I'm doing a game tonight tonight. Okay, great. Virtual games, virtual games. It would be just thought,

yeah. Okay. Let's all do that, then. Yeah. And then you've got nine people are calling you like, how are you available and free.

But then everyone will go back to their normal priority list.

Yeah, prioritise.

So I think I'll change a little bit afterwards. People value the time of the family even more.

Yes, for sure. I mean, my little brother has been messaging me every single day.

Every five, six football and

I was like, it's like, He's huge. But he's like six years younger than me. So he's my little brother. And he's been messaging me every single day and we don't normally speak that much. You know, it's like one message a month or something that is literally messaging me every single day and it's the cutest thing ever. I think it's just so bored right now.

And he doesn't. He doesn't know.

He lives on his own is Yeah. Blessing.

Yeah. So that's, that's my biggest source on

Yeah, but he's already made plans for us for afterwards apparently we're taking a some sort of drawing class. My mom wants to go on picnics who was not bothered about, like meeting up and doing anything before. Yeah, my dad wants to barbecue. So basically you're still gonna get fat. So basically when we come out of this, we're gonna have literally no time to work whatsoever. Because people forget that we've been working this whole time. I have

misspoke. That's the big The biggest thing that I've missed is playing sport because I'm highly highly competitive.

Yes, you play badminton twice a week.

Yeah. So I

can tell that you've missed eight, nine hours a week.

Yeah, yeah. So we start playing balls.

We have like playing balls in the garden. Yeah.

Yeah, I'm winning. Six for

you only just winning six for

me just winning The time of this recording I am winning.

We recorded this last week I was full on

whatever. Anyways, thank you so much again for joining us today. It's been amazing having you here. You're listening to Paul's full episode that is coming up very, very soon on the disabled to enable podcast.

Thank thanks very much. I'm going to be honest, that travels quite far to get here

from the sofa to the table on the sofa

table. Well, I appreciate you having me on. And hopefully I'm actually standard with all your other guests that you've had on over the last. Hopefully yeah, hopefully.

See you later.

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