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40. Geoff Allix | Overcoming MS Podcast host

February 5, 2020
  • We discuss the 7 pillars that make up the OMS (overcoming multiple sclerosis) program.


  • Major benefits of eating healthily to help improve your overall health condition. 


  • The science behind the diet.


  • The overcoming MS book (available for free to the major countries)


  • The benefits of meditation, living in the present, managing stress and reducing anxiety. 


  • Overcoming MS encourages taking medication alongside a healthy diet, exercise, omega 3, vitamin D. 


  • We talk about Geoff taking Lemtrada. 


  • Differences in access to medicine around the world


  • Exercise and chronic illness. Neuroplasticity in the brain.


  • Does temperature affect your symptoms? 


  • If heat affects you, try a WrapMeCool ( an instant cooling that looks like a normal scarf. Use code EW19 to get 10% off


  • Super quick secrets! Listen out for:


  • Sleeping on a volcano. Sorry, what?! 


  • And being chased by an orangutan. Standard. 



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